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Workshop on WEB3-2023

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering student association ASCEE in association with Shardeum organised an hands-on workshop on Web3 for 2nd year students on 19th August 2023 at Srinivas Institute of Technology, Mangaluru. Mr. Chirag Ravishankar, Community Manager Intern, Shardeum was the Resource Person of this workshop. In his keynote address he said that the aim is to bring young India to Web3 by educating over 7500 students, providing them with the necessary knowledge and resources to navigate the Web3 space.Prof. Ravishankara K, H.O.D, Dept. of CS&E urged the students to gain maximum knowledge on Block chain technology that plays a vital role in the deployment of Web3 based applications. He also expressed his gratitude towards Shardeum team for bringing up such an initiative that introduces students to the world of Web3.An hands-on training session on getting started with Web3 by building and deploying dApp on Shardeum was demonstrated to the students by the Resource Person. More than 100 students actively participated in this workshop.The student coordinators, Mr. Ritik Ranjan and Mr. Roshan coordinated the entire workshop.

August 19,2023 Posted By SIT