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Engineer’s Day Celebration-2023”

Srinivas Institute of Technology, Valachil Mangaluru and Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) organized Engineer’s Day celebration on 15th September 2023. Er. Manjunath Shet S N, CEO, Octawave Technology (Software and VLSI Training Institute), Mangaluru was the Chief Guest of the function. He in his Chief Guest address highlighted the importance of Engineer’s Day and also emphasized contributions made by engineer to society's well-being and progress. The formal function was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the dignitaries. Dr. Shankar K S, HOD of Marine and Mechanical Engineering, SIT Mangaluru was the President of the function. He in his presidential address highlighted the role of engineers in sustainable development, emerging technologies, and the importance of innovation. The event was coordinated by Prof. Sudarshan K, HOD of Information Science and Engineering. Prof. Vivek Vijay Kumar, Department of Marine Engineering interacted with the Students regarding Engineers Day.Ms. Madival Shrama of 2nd year ISE Department welcomed the gathering, Ms. Sinchana of 2nd year ISE Department introduced the Chief Guest Er. Manjunath Shet S N. Mr. Abhilash M S of 2nd year ISE Department delivered vote of thanks. Ms. Jayashree K R of 2nd year ISE Department was the master of ceremony. Formal function was followed by talk on Innovation and its Significance in Engineering by Er. Manjunath Shet S N. The talk was a meaningful tribute to engineers and their contributions, leaving the audience inspired and enlightened about the boundless possibilities that engineering offers in addressing the challenges of the modern world and successfully conveyed the significance of engineers and engineering in our society. It served as a source of motivation for those pursuing a career in engineering and highlighted the dynamic nature of the field. First year students from all the branches of Engineering and second year students of ISE Department participated in the program.

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