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Constitution Day by AIMES and NSS

Constitution Day - by AIMES and NSS The Constitution Day event, organized by the Student Association of Marine Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with NSS, took place on November 25, 2023. The purpose of the event was to honor the adoption of the Indian Constitution. Dr. Shankar KS, the Head of Mechanical Engineering, addressed the audience, discussing the process of constitution drafting and emphasizing the duties and responsibilities of Indian citizens. Dr. Lokesh V, Head of Marine Engineering, urged students to uphold constitutional rules and be responsible citizens. Prof. Vivek V Kumar, from Marine Engineering, recited the preamble of the constitution, with students and faculty members taking an oath in union. The coordination of the program was overseen by Prof. Sunil Prakash Rodrigues, AIMES and NSS coordinator, along with Prof. Sathyaprakash, ASMA Coordinator, Dr. Raghavendra MJ, NSS coordinator, and the office bearers of AIMES and ASMA.

November 25,2023 Posted By SIT