CET Mock Test 2021

Please find below the detailed procedure to be followed to take up the test

(For new or first-time users):-

  • 1. Click on the above-mentioned link (please use Chrome browser only)
  • 2. If you are logging in for the 1st time, Click on FREE to register & provide the information asked in the portal.
  • 3. Remember your email ID and password submitted by you as it will be your login details for all subsequent tests on this website.
  • 4. You will be redirected to your test.
  • 5. You are good to start the course now.

Procedure to take the test (for all users):

  • 1. Once you start the test you can answer any question, in any sequence once the test loads and should save each answer by clicking on "Save and Next" or else your answer will not be considered.
  • 2. Just clicking on the options the submitting won't take your answer.
  • 3. Once you answer all the questions, click on the submit test button. This concludes your test.

Test schedule will be

  • Physics
    18th August 9.00AM - 12.00PM
  • Chemistry
    18th August 2.00PM- 5.00PM
  • Mathematics
    19th August 9.00AM - 12.00PM
  • Biology
    19th August 2.00PM- 5.00PM

Students can take the test for 70 minutes between the above mentioned schedule only on specified dates.

PFA the test link test

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Important information

  • ▪︎ Minimum time : 15 minutes
  • ▪︎ Maximum time : 70 minutes
  • ▪︎ Each question carries one point.
  • ▪︎ No negative marks for wrong answers.
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